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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

In-Place Upgrading of OBIEE to

1.1    Perform the following general pre-upgrade tasks

a) Stop all Web Logic Servers, Node Manager, OPMN, and OPMN-managed system components that are part of all Oracle BI domains that use the Middleware Home that you must upgrade.

On Windows systems, also stop the component that is called Oracle Web Logic Node Manager (name).

b) Back up directories.

Download the appropriate Product Installers, as described in "Download the Installer"
Patch Oracle Web Logic Server to the latest version (10.3.5 or 10.3.6 ) required

1.2     Run the Oracle BI Product Installer

Go to Disk1 folder inside the installation package folder
Run the following
. /run Installer
Skip Software Update and then select Software Install Only

Path like E:\Share_DEV\OBIEE111160\bishiphome\Disk1\setup.exe

Run the Oracle BI Product Installer, and perform Software Only installation, specifying the existing Middleware home to be patched.

 Once Prerequisite Checks are done, the next screen will show your system’s current Middleware and Oracle Home. If not, select the proper locations.

You only need to upgrade MDS andBIPLATFORM schema.
1) Change your folder to Middleware/oracle_common/bin folder
2) Run the following command
Check Oracle Business Intelligence box and click next
D:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_BI1\bin\psa.cmd   run as administrator

Run the Patch Set Assistant for each of the Oracle BI schemas created with RCU, as described in the following list. Update the MDS schema first.

1) MDS

Check the two prerequisite boxes and click next
Put in your database connection string and SYS account/password. Note: for SQL Server User Name, you have to connect as
dbadmin and password of dbadmin user
Click Connect to test the connection and then type in the MDS schema’s password. Click Next

Start web logic server and then do the below step

cd E:\MiddelwareHome\user_projects\domains\bifoundation_domain\bin

upgradenonj2eeapp.bat -oracleInstance D:\Oracle\Middleware\instances\instance1 -adminHost -adminPort 7001 -adminUsername weblogic

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7600]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.


D:\>cd D:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_BI1\opmn\bin

Unregister instance...
Command failed: Command requires argument: -oracleInstance

opmnctl unregisterinstance: failed.

D:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_BI1\opmn\bin>upgradenonj2eeapp.bat -oracleInstance D
:\Oracle\Middleware\instances\instance1 -adminHost -adminPort 7001 -
adminUsername weblogic
Unregister instance...

Command requires login to weblogic admin server (
  Username: weblogic

Unregistering instance
Command succeeded.
redeploy NonJ2EEManagement.ear...

Command requires login to weblogic admin server (
  Username: weblogic

Redeploying NonJ2EEManagement Application...weblogic.Deployer invoked with optio
ns:  -adminurl -username weblogic -name NonJ2EEManagement -sour
ce D:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_BI1\opmn\applications\NonJ2EEManagement.ear -rede
ploy -upload -noexit
<May 8, 2012 3:50:06 PM SGT> <Info> <J2EE Deployment SPI> <BEA-260121> <Initiati
ng redeploy operation for application, NonJ2EEManagement [archive: D:\Oracle\Mid
dleware\Oracle_BI1\opmn\applications\NonJ2EEManagement.ear], to configured targe
Command failed: NonJ2EEManagement Applicationdeployment failed.
Details are logged in D:\Oracle\Middleware\instances\instance1\diagnostics\logs\

opmnctl redeploy: failed.


1.5    Update configurations and stores

Start WLST
Runthe following WLST command:

1.6    Reboot your machine and Start all bi Services

Note: some place i have erazed IP address and DB Schema User ID so in that place yours

1.7    Some more reference
SR 3-5678807971: Unable to upgrade BIPLATFORM schema?

Till Next Time..


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