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Monday, July 9, 2012

Customize Excel Download Link


I just came accross there is a requirement like user wants to see the download into excel link in the top 


1) Go to your Dashboard page just right click on dashboard and select 'View Source' option to view the source code
2) Search ".xls" or "NQWClearActiveMenu" it then Once located, copy the content of onclick (corresponding to its hyperlink tag) to a notepad. The content of onClick would look something like below.

"NQWClearActiveMenu();Download('saw.dll?Go&ViewID=d%3adashboard%7ep%3ap66r9t8jr9565gc1%7er%3af328i61a3omsv7cq&Action=Download&SearchID=0rnj0kpb425p9kmfoj1qgs85lm&Style=blafp&PortalPath=%2fshared%2fAFS%2f_portal%2fAFS%20Monthly%20Report&Page=GPC%20AFS%20Monthly%20Reporting&ViewState=jdrmbrvvcjgpr0ldodrsl0dupa&ItemName=GPC%20-%20AFS%20Monthly%20Reporting&path=%2fshared%2fAFS%2fAFS%20Monthly%20Report%2fGPC%20-%20AFS%20Monthly%20Reporting&Format=mht&Extension=.xls');return false"

3) Now place a 'text object' on the dashboard above the report, open properties, check 'Contain HTML Markup' option and put the code as show below:
html onclick download link syntax like below so make your above copied code like below,

<a href="javascript:void(null)" onClick=ContentCopiedInAboveStep>Export</a>
based on above code with syntax,
<a href="javascript:void(null)" onClick="NQWClearActiveMenu();Download('saw.dll?Go&amp;ViewID=d%3adashboard%7ep%3ap66r9t8jr9565gc1%7er%3af328i61a3omsv7cq&amp;Action=Download&amp;SearchID=0rnj0kpb425p9kmfoj1qgs85lm&amp;Style=blafp&amp;PortalPath=%2fshared%2fAFS%2f_portal%2fAFS%20Monthly%20Report&amp;Page=GPC%20AFS%20Monthly%20Reporting&amp;ViewState=jdrmbrvvcjgpr0ldodrsl0dupa&amp;ItemName=GPC%20-%20AFS%20Monthly%20Reporting&path=%2fshared%2fAFS%2fAFS%20Monthly%20Report%2fGPC%20-%20AFS%20Monthly%20Reporting&Format=mht&Extension=.xls');return false">Export</a>

Preview and now you can able see a link named Export. try to test it.

Note:Make sure you download" report link option enabled.I have tried this on OBIEE 10g/11g with single report on dashboard its working fine as expected.



  1. This is nice idea! I also have a similar requirement in my project! Hope your method works for me as well.

  2. This is brilliant, just what i needed, thank you very much for the great post and easy to follow instructions. worked a treat!

  3. Is there any way to download all the analysis of page by using this customize download excel link ?

  4. Hi,

    This works but when we migrate it to different environments its not working as the tag will be different. is there any workaround for that.


  5. My issue is that I am able to download the reports into Excel spreadsheet. But after download, the hyperlink is not working, but it is working before download. Any idea why?


  6. Hi Deva,

    This is Vijay. I am facing the same issue which was reported by Kien.

    I have a report like below which contains 4 fields where one IM_Number is an action link meaning if you click on 1234 hyperlinked it goes to another website which gives a full description of the IM. So, when i export to PDF the field IM_Number it doesn't come as 1234(hyperlinked) where as it gives the code behind that action link.

    Please help me if you find any solution for this.

    IM_Number IM_Description Severity Priority
    1234 XYZ 3 2