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Friday, March 16, 2012

obiee11.1.1.6 Simple Install type does not install a Managed Server(bi_server1)


My Exp in obiee11116 with simple install type

I have successfully completed the Simple of OBIEE So the folder structure under bifoundation_domain is for Admin server only showing but its not showing and bi_server1 folder.
      how come the same type of installation i did in obiee11.1.1.5 version its working fine and bi_server1 folder presented under
But when I login to the console, under the servers environment I am able to see only Admin server and not the bi_server1


This is a limitation when you choose Simple install
The following considerations and limitations apply to the Simple Install type:
*The Simple Install type is intended for installing standalone instances of Oracle Business Intelligence.
You cannot scale out, add components to, or use the Configuration Assistant on instances of Oracle Business Intelligence that were installed with the Simple Install type.
* Unlike the Enterprise Install type, the Simple Install type does not install a Managed Server.
Furthermore, with Simple Install type, components that typically exist in the Managed Server (logically speaking) are provided in the Administration Server instead.

This is documented under Section Considerations and Limitations for the Simple Install Type
Oracle® Fusion Middleware Installation Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence


obiee11. new features


1)Ability to Limit and Offset Rows Returned (export all row into Excel)
2) Identify Query Candidates with Oracle BI Summary Advisor
3) Integrate the Administration Tool with a Third-Party Source Control Management System (Version Control system)
4) Streamlined MUD Merge Process
5) Automated Repository Patching Process
6) Support for Aggregate Persistence in a Cluster
7) FIRST_PERIOD and LAST_PERIOD Time Series Functions
8) Ability to Print the Physical and Business Model Diagrams



OBIEE Simple installation on windows 7 64bit