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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Unable to Sign In into presentation services and RPD obiee 11

Issue :I had a  trouble to login into RPD (online mode) the Presentation services lately.
It was working fine before and after changed console user sequrity things changed and was having issues to login lately after that.
It always gives me invalid username/Password was entered message when I tried to login no matter what ever username I tried.
I was able to login into Enterprise manger and Weblogic Admin console successfully with out any issues. All the processes are up and running with out any issues.
Tried rebooting successfully and still it wont let me login into Answers. So I tried if i could login into Admin tool and it wont let me login there as well.
So I created new Admin user in the Weblogin console and tried to login using the new user and still no luck. The new admin will let me login into the EM and WLC but not into Answers and rpd.
I tried deleting old references of the user directories in the catalog and still no luck.
It has something to do with the credential store. What ever user name I created its not mapping it to the Answers/rpd inspite of both the services are running

1. Please follow instructions given in
How to fix “Unable to Sign in. An error occured during Authentication" error when a user logs in OBIEE 11g (Doc ID 1302924.1) step by step, for those steps you have done, please double check and make sure what you've done are correct.

2. You are still not able to logon because you have missed a few steps as the following:
8. Edit the NQSConfig.INI file to reset the FMW_UPDATE_ROLE_AND_USER_REF_GUIDS = YES to NO and restart the Oracle BI Servers.
9. Remove, set to none, or comment out the line (see UpgradeAndExit in the following example) added to the instanceconfig.xml file (that instructs Oracle BI Presentation Server to refresh GUIDs on restart).
10. <ps:Catalog xmlns:ps="">
11. <ps:UpgradeAndExit>false</ps:UpgradeAndExit>
12. <ps:UpdateAccountGUIDs>none</ps:UpdateAccountGUIDs>
13. Restart the Presentation Server for the instanceconfig.xml file that was updated.
14. Make sure Oracle WebLogic Server and the system components are also running, if they are not running, restart them.

b) Relogin as the problematic user to verify if you still see the “Unable to Sign In” error

Step 2 : Delete user from rpd if present

a)Launch admin tool and open rpd in OFFLINE Mode
b)Click Manage > Identity > Users tab to verify if you see this user present
Note : Normally you will only see list of users when you open rpd in ONLINE mode. Unless the users were created manually in rpd, no users should be visible in OFFLINE mode
c)If the user is present, delete this user entry from rpd
d)save rpd and deploy this changed rpd using EM
e)restart OBI Server component
f)relogin as the problematic user to see if you still see “Unable to Sign In” error

Step 3 : Delete the cacheduserinfo file from webcatalog
If Step1 and Step2 does not work, then do the following
Note : In the example below, catalog name is SampleApp and the user who gets “invalid Login” error is Administrator user.

a)Take a backup of your webcatalog
b)Navigate to C:\OBIEE11G\instances\instance2\bifoundation\OracleBIPresentationServicesComponent\coreapplication_obips1\catalog\SampleApp\root\users\Administrator\_prefs
c)Delete the files name cacheduserinfo and cacheduserinfo.atr
d)Launch OBIEE and test by logging in as the specific user.

the best one is 3rd one.


  1. I was facing the same issue but following the steps really help me and it's working now..

    Thanks a lot for the post..

  2. Howdy! Were you somehow able to execute all the settings of this portal all by yourself or you got professional help?

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