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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

By Pass Server Cache in OBIEE Answres

   It's used to Overcome below kind of issue:
 .> Data Not Getting Refreshed in Answers when Changed in Base Database. Cache problem.

Let say User wants dashboard data updated on real-time after back-end ETL populates, then rather suggesting user to click on Refresh button each time is not the best option as fickle minded user1 could see stale data and can raise a hue and cry unnecessarily on old data .That could be easily avoided using Bypass Web Server Cache feature in Advanced tab of the corresponding reports .

Steps to implement By Pass Server Cache

1 Build Report with required fields,
2 Go to Advance SQL tab check the Check Box ' Bypass Oracle BI Presentation Services Cache'
3 Goto bottom of page look for 'Prefix' in text box type 'SET VARIABLE DISABLE_CACHE_HIT=1;'
4 Save the report


If you always want to bypass the Presentation server cache add this to the instanceconfig file of the development presentation server:

add below lines in instanceconfig.xml  file then restart all bi services.


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  1. Deva,

    Nice work on clearing BI Presentation Server Cache.

    But I found that when I select "Bypass BI Presentation Server Cache" option in Advanced tab of 'Analytics' and save the prefix accordingly.

    It doesnot reflect the same when next time I see the Analytics, I mean the box is unchecked and value in prefix is gone....any explanation for this?? Is it (checking of box in Analytics) works one time only?


  2. Hi Deva,
    Nice work on clearing BI Presentation Server Cache. it is use full.

  3. Hi Deva,

    I have edited the instanceconfig.xml file and restarted all the services, also deleted all the cache files manually.

    Now, when i view a saved report a cache is generated and after sometime when i view the same report no new cache is generated and the results appear quickly.. ( i think the old cache is used here)..

    Pls explain me how to do it and the right way to check it

    my mail id :

  4. hi deva ,

    i want to purge only current day queries becasue my data is changing for every 15 min the query should go to database for current day every time for yesterday i should fetch from cache.
    every time its going to db for yesterday i should fetch from cache for current day i query should go to db always.

  5. Great stuff provided by the Admin here… look into this for Obiee online training